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Welcome To Kushite Record, The Home of The Incomparable Smooth Jazz and R&B Artist Wayne D. Brown

It is with great pleasure to ascribe to this forum, to which I endeavor to bring to my fans and audience the unique and improvisational sounds and vibes of my premiered and trending albums entitled: "Jazz Mathematics," and "The 25th, Dynasty of Jazz Mathematics," which are currently in stores today and streaming on radios and other social platforms. Both albums was diligently crafted and designed with the mature and sophisticated music lovers in mind, particularly those who appreciate the symphonic and rhythmic melodies of Smooth Jazz and R&B. Accordingly, we who value the craft and quality of good music appreciates the style, talent and scholarship behind the music, which is the reason I so essay to supply my audience with music that meticulously and "mathematically" embraces the sound and melody for professional and prolific quality.

The two Albums mentioned herein, has been in the persistent infrastructure for approximately three years, simply put, it is because listeners and fans deserves the best and music that is in-distinguishable and incomparable to that of the norm. Wherefore, it was, and still remains my intent and desire to capture the minds of the sophisticated and sharp, not to say the less of the average music lover, what is meant here is that my philosophical aim and approach is to quench the thirst for those enjoy quality Jazz and R&B, and not limited to, but including all manner of music lovers regardless of the preferred generic or music culture, it is my obligation as a dedicated musician and artist to bring to and the universe, the high quality sound that will make you foot stomp and head bob at all cause.

I welcome you and invite you with all gratitude and sincerity, to indulge, engage and listen to the inevitable sounds of the Albums "Jazz Mathematics," and "The 25th, Dynasty of Jazz Mathematics," and trust that you will feel the sensual, soulful and funky and vibes. While doing so, check out the "Single's "Hypnotics," and "Je Suis Inparable" (e.g.), meaning (Unstoppable). However, to this end, stay tuned for my third Album coming this fall "Entitled "Jazz On The Rocks. "

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