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    Dwayne Wayne Brown, founder and CEO of Kushite Entertainment and Record Label. Mr. Brown has been engineering music a number of decades and is multi-talented in the music field, playing several musical instruments, namely, the lead guitar, bass, drums and percussions, key boards and other stringed instruments among the facets of musical lore.         Diligently dedicated to craft, this artist became an accomplished DJ, and solo jazz artist and now brings his talent to the forefront - showcasing his debut albums and new releases under his very own independent record label "Kushite Records and Entertainment," 

Hence, we are proud to present to you the incomparable Smooth Jazz and R&B Artist Wayne D. Brown and his Soulful and Sensation vibes. 

      This site is endeavored to satisfy the thirst of smooth jazz lovers across the globe with the high quality music and sounds of the Kushite Record Studios and to generate a platform for fan base sharing and other stages that both, jazz and R&B lovers can appreciate skillful talent of the incomparable one.

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We know what it means to be a fan. We know the obsession, the devotion, loyalty, and the thirst for quality music,  more interaction, information, and more access and attention of the Artist.

We know exactly what it entails being a dedicated fan, and so, this the reason for strong based Music Fan Clubs. This fan club was mastered for strong willed fans like you who want more from their cherished artist and to received the recognition deserved! Therefore, we are just as dedicated servicing  our  members greater privileges and amenities Our members are considered VIPs from the onset and are treated with high standards of decency, receiving extraordinary benefits and personal recognition befitting for royalty. Plus, our collections of awards, gifts privileged status, surpasses the norm. For more on the package benefit, plans and pricing, press on the arrows.

The VIP experience is exclusive, entertaining and exciting. 

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